You Won’t Believe What Happened to My Daughter on Her 1st Day at Her New School…

If you don’t know this yet…we moved to Hilliard, OH from Utah this past December and my kids all started in their new schools this week. We visited the schools in December, so the classes knew we were coming and starting school after break.

So the title says it all…we are all still SPEECHLESS. Look at the picture below of what happened to Grace on her first day at her new school in Hilliard, Ohio…She found this in her desk her first day:

  1. An Envelope that says: “Welcome to Scioto Darby” [her new school…she is in 5th grade].
  2. A Letter [I will transcribe below.]
  3. A Picture of the Girl Who Wrote It.

Here is the letter:

Dear Grace,

I would like to ask you to join me at recess, I also thought that you might want to join me at the lunch table. I just wanted to write you this letter because you are coming from a while away. I don’t know what it feels like to be a new kid, but I might have an idea how it feels. So I would like to offer you to hang out with me at recess and sit with me at the lunch table.

From, Hannah

p.s. There is a picture of me in the envelope for you to see what I look like and I hope we can be best friends.

Being JESUS is so much harder than talking, teaching, and preaching JESUS. [That is easy…DOING it is so much harder!] I am not sure if this little girl knows Jesus, but this is one of the best expressions of the face of our Savior that I/we have ever experienced. [Whatever you have done unto the least of these…you have done for me… -Jesus in Matthew 25.40]

Acts of love done with a pure heart can change the world…how ’bout it?