Vote For Our New Church Name!

Church names are so important. And some are plain crazy. The name of your church says everything.

  • Back in the day it was important to list your denomination in your name. For many, it still unfortunately is. Not ripping on a church in our area, but they are called Guide Church Baptist. Not sure why Guide Church wasn’t enough. I bet it has something to do with funding.
  • Some churches have really long names: First Saint John the Revelator Apostolic Assembly Full Gospel Missionary Baptist Bible Church Agape Fellowship Cathedral Tabernacle of Jesus Christ Mausoleum and Day Care Center.
  • Some churches have weird names that no one would know what they were if you paid them. Usually greek or astrological names that they think sound cool. To others, they just think you are another cult where people will cut off their genitals and wait for the space ship. There is: Church on the Ancient Path [I’m sure they are cool dudes…but really?] I like the thought…but does that spark a fire in people’s hearts or just pissed off mega-church haters?
  • Some have names that move people to action. Elevate, Uprising, Collide, Revolution.
  • Then you have all the New’s: NewSpring, NewSong, NewHope, NewBirth, NewNude.
  • You also have the landmark names: Northwest Church, Capital City church, National Community Church, Cedar Oaks Creek Church. Hope they never move.

I think a name should be the following:

  • It should PREACH. I used to say, New Hope is more than a name on the side of our building, it is what you can find in Christ Jesus! My friend is planting Uncommon Church [which works because many of the churches there are not the most liked…]
  • It should be simple and recognizable. Call it a church! The tells people NOTHING in your marketing! Maybe a hiker will find it. If people don’t know what it is, you are missing you target. Yes, other planters will think you are cool…but your target audience will be scratching their heads wondering what the hades a Transubstantiation Community really is.
  • was BRILLIANT with this. They call their church their website name. YES! YES! YES!
  • Not that there are hard and fast rules. Mars Hill Church has made it, but I still bet seekers ask what the hades a Mars Hill Church is…but then again, it is Seattle, and you have to go with what rules.
  • Names should invoke some life change in my opinion and bring a smile! New Life Church, Potential Church, Hope Church, Christ Church. Churches with name likes: Philophos Church, The Parthenos Gathering, and other names just don’t invoke this.
  • And I don’t care to be original. If I find a great name, I will use it. Which can get you into trouble these days. Another tiny church in a different state threatened to sue us for using One Community Church as a name because they copyrighted it. So copyright your name, and let ANYONE use it! It’s God’s church dang-it. Another friend has also been threatened for another name.

So vote below. Top 1-2 choices please or leave your own response! What other parameters would you add that are helpful when choosing a church name?