Electronic Shisha: 10 Things You Should Know

One of the newest and trendiest modern recreations, electronic Shisha, is gaining popularity around the globe, especially among younger generations, and even celebrities. As the name suggests, it’s an electronic version of traditional Shisha, which is flavoured tobacco smoked through a waterpipe. E-Shisha doesn’t use a pipe and there isn’t any real water, except to simulate smoke. It also lacks real tobacco so it’s much safer than the real thing. This list should enlighten those who aren’t fully aware of E-Shisha, so without further ado, here it is:

  • Electronic Shisha has quite a few names, such as E-Hookah, E-Sticks, Shisha Sticks, Hookah Pipes, Shisha Pens, Vaping, Hookah Pens and E-Hose to name just a few. Since this is a trendy pastime the names are constantly changing and being altered, but for now these are the main terms most people use
  • E-Shisha is often compared to electronic cigarettes and they do share many similarities, however, the former tends to release more “smoke” and also lasts significantly longer than e-cigs. E-Hookah also tends to come in disposable form while e-cigs tend to be rechargeable, though newer electronic Shisha devices are available in rechargeable form
  • As mentioned above, E-Shisha doesn’t produce actual smoke but rather simulated smoke in the form of water vapour. This is produced when the battery heats up an internal e-liquid cartridge, which allows the user to inhale/exhale the vapour in the same way they would with real Hookah. The lack of smoke and therefore toxins is one of E-Shisha’s best attributes
  • Since E-Hookah doesn’t contain tobacco it isn’t governed by the same laws as cigarettes, meaning it can beused indoors and in public areas without breaking any laws. There are talks of some governments introducing bans for E-Shisha and e-cigs, but for now they are perfectly legal in such places
  • A popular misconception about electronic Hookah is that it glamorises smoking in younger generations. This is unfounded and no research has ever been done to prove such speculation. Young people will try nicotine regardless of whether electronic versions are available
  • One of the greatest things about electronic Shisha or e-cigs is that they can be taken anywhere since they don’t produce any ash or butts. Take them on the bus, on the train or even to the cinema
  • Unlike with regular tobacco products, E-Hookah can be used as often or as little as needed. Users can take one puff and put it back into a pocket for later, or they can take three puffs; the choice is entirely theirs.
  • The only chemicals involved with E-Shisha are harmless and won’t do any damage to the user or those near the user. Of course, nicotine is also present but it isn’t toxic and is said to be as harmful as caffeine
  • E-Shisha tends to be an occasional-use product, with many who use it just doing so on special occasions or at the weekend while out on the town
  • E-Shisha has become an extraordinary success in a short amount of time and that success seems to be based on the fact that it’s fun, trendy, affordable and, more importantly, HARMLESS