3 Gut-Checks to Stop Planting Worship Services and Instead Plant Churches.

A Bob Roberts quote really kicked my anus when I read it recently. He said, “We don’t  plant churches in America. We plant worship services.” 


  1. If your Super Bowl party this year was full of church people and small group holy huddles…you have planted a worship service.

**I know we are missional, incarnational, organic, blah, blah, blah. Jesus hung out with saints and sinners and an emphasis on the latter. So…gut check: Who are you hanging out with and spending the majority of your time with? We say we are about making disciples and reaching the lost…what did your party look like this past year? And if you didn’t have something or go to something…you pretty much need punched in the throat.

  1. If you spend the majority of your time, budget and energy focused on weekend services [or if you are anti-weekend since it is kind of popular to be: your missional communities for mostly saved people]…you have planted a worship service.

**Does your budget of time, talents and resources reflect that you are REALLY committed to MAKING DISCIPLES or crafting worship services? I once visited a great church with 200 staff…only 12 on staff were dedicated to spiritual development [disciple-making]. Worship is just as important as discipleship is and discipleship is just as important as worship. BOTH/AND!

  1. If you can’t make a change in the weekend service or risk messing with “the formula” or some portion of it due to backlash…then you have planted a worship service and not a church!

**I just spoke to a great friend of mine who was called on the carpet [in his very not-church plant, but a very old, established church]…who thought he was getting let go due to a bad performance review. The problem? He turned his back on the audience to read scripture off the screen. Really. True story. So…people going to  Hell while we yell at you to please don’t turn your butt toward us whilst reading scripture?!

Or another friend of mine who was pretty scared because he wants to reach more “seekers” [make disciples] at his charismatic church by dialing back Sunday’s a bit and focusing more on the Holy Spirit side of things on a different night. If either offend your people, you have planted a worship service and not a church.

What are some other ways we plant worship services instead of churches? Kick off the conversation…

Electronic Shisha: 10 Things You Should Know

One of the newest and trendiest modern recreations, electronic Shisha, is gaining popularity around the globe, especially among younger generations, and even celebrities. As the name suggests, it’s an electronic version of traditional Shisha, which is flavoured tobacco smoked through a waterpipe. E-Shisha doesn’t use a pipe and there isn’t any real water, except to simulate smoke. It also lacks real tobacco so it’s much safer than the real thing. This list should enlighten those who aren’t fully aware of E-Shisha, so without further ado, here it is:

  • Electronic Shisha has quite a few names, such as E-Hookah, E-Sticks, Shisha Sticks, Hookah Pipes, Shisha Pens, Vaping, Hookah Pens and E-Hose to name just a few. Since this is a trendy pastime the names are constantly changing and being altered, but for now these are the main terms most people use
  • E-Shisha is often compared to electronic cigarettes and they do share many similarities, however, the former tends to release more “smoke” and also lasts significantly longer than e-cigs. E-Hookah also tends to come in disposable form while e-cigs tend to be rechargeable, though newer electronic Shisha devices are available in rechargeable form
  • As mentioned above, E-Shisha doesn’t produce actual smoke but rather simulated smoke in the form of water vapour. This is produced when the battery heats up an internal e-liquid cartridge, which allows the user to inhale/exhale the vapour in the same way they would with real Hookah. The lack of smoke and therefore toxins is one of E-Shisha’s best attributes
  • Since E-Hookah doesn’t contain tobacco it isn’t governed by the same laws as cigarettes, meaning it can beused indoors and in public areas without breaking any laws. There are talks of some governments introducing bans for E-Shisha and e-cigs, but for now they are perfectly legal in such places
  • A popular misconception about electronic Hookah is that it glamorises smoking in younger generations. This is unfounded and no research has ever been done to prove such speculation. Young people will try nicotine regardless of whether electronic versions are available
  • One of the greatest things about electronic Shisha or e-cigs is that they can be taken anywhere since they don’t produce any ash or butts. Take them on the bus, on the train or even to the cinema
  • Unlike with regular tobacco products, E-Hookah can be used as often or as little as needed. Users can take one puff and put it back into a pocket for later, or they can take three puffs; the choice is entirely theirs.
  • The only chemicals involved with E-Shisha are harmless and won’t do any damage to the user or those near the user. Of course, nicotine is also present but it isn’t toxic and is said to be as harmful as caffeine
  • E-Shisha tends to be an occasional-use product, with many who use it just doing so on special occasions or at the weekend while out on the town
  • E-Shisha has become an extraordinary success in a short amount of time and that success seems to be based on the fact that it’s fun, trendy, affordable and, more importantly, HARMLESS

Our New Church Name Is…

Thanks to everyone for helping us pick out our new name! All of your suggestions and votes were greatly important to us. But if you don’t know me by now, sometimes I have to go off-center.

I was hoping that you would all settle it for me between GRACE CITY and HOPE CITY, which were my top 2.

But then when I was running my 19 mile run last weekend [which is the #1 place Jesus and I jam together]…it all fell into place. I also give a shout out to my boy Brian Moser from River City Church for helping me see from another angle as well.

Brian said that if he had to do it all over again, that he would want something that was 1 word [our new name is not] but also appeal to non-churched people [wow…the epicenter of our mission, duh.]

Totally makes sense.

Grace City Church resonates with Christians who have experienced and love grace. That’s why I loved it. And the Cbus needs it!

Hope City Church resonates with many, but Hope is not certain, that is why it’s called Hope. It is not yet complete.

Our vision here in Columbus is to see a totally new city emerge. One where the Kingdom of God intersects His creation. To see churches join together in unity. To help make a push to un-segregate Sunday mornings. To see churches planted in the ‘burbs and to see churches and planters raised up in the inner city. To see those with a heart to serve those with physical needs and see them come to know Jesus. And to serve those who don’t have physical needs, but have deep spiritual needs come to know Jesus.

Many of you are averse to numbers…not sure why. Every NUMBER is a NAME. But try this number on for size:

One of the largest tangible goals on my heart is to make it a goal with other local churches to see the homicide rates cut in half in the next 10 years. Poverty is rampant in our city. Kids going to be hungry. Illiteracy is rampant in our city. Drugs and violence are a way of life for many in our city. Taking 2 guys on a tour the other day downtown, a hooker was trying to flag us down in broad daylight. In the ‘burbs, moving up the ladder of success is the motto of our city. Working your career to death is a problem here. No joke, the largest builder in town’s motto is: Move Up! And people are doing it despite the family, spiritual and tangible costs. These are just a few of the issues we face.

I love our city, but in order for these things to change, we need a radically new city.

The name of our new church as given by God to Tiffany and I [we didn’t even converse about which one we liked best until it was time to choose] is: NEW CITY CHURCH. If that is what we are pursuing, it makes perfect sense to us.

“I saw Heaven and earth new-created. Gone the first Heaven, gone the first earth, gone the sea. 2I saw Holy Jerusalem, new-created, descending resplendent out of Heaven, as ready for God as a bride for her husband. 3-5I heard a voice thunder from the Throne: “Look! Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women! They’re his people, he’s their God. He’ll wipe every tear from their eyes. Death is gone for good—tears gone, crying gone, pain gone—all the first order of things gone.” The Enthroned continued, “Look! I’m making everything new. Write it all down—each word dependable and accurate.” [Revelation 21.1-2 -MSG]

We want to see a NEW CITY emerge here in Columbus. And we want to populate the NEW CITY that God is still building in eternity. A NEW CITY here and a NEW CITY there. That is our dream. That is our calling. That is our passion.

Lastly in the way of practicality, I would rather see this: NewCityColumbus.com instead of GraceCityChurch.com or HopeCityChurch.com out there in public. People are way more likely to check out NewCityColumbus than they are GraceCity, which they will know is a church. And if that changes 1 life, then it was worth it!

New City Columbus shares the vision for the here and now [God moving into the neighborhood], and when you put the word Church on the end, shares the hope of eternity [the new city being created there] that we are trying to bring to reality here on earth.

So, New City Church. A new passion, a new dream, both in the present and in eternity. I love it.

Thanks for helping us decide. I pray that you will also fight for a NEW CITY right where God has called YOU! So…what do you think of our choice? I would love to dialogue with you about it.

The 1 Thing You Didn’t Learn in Any Church Planting Conference That You Must Do…

S-L-O-O-O-O-W   D-O-W-N!

History shows that outside of the Holy Spirit and the providence of God that the #1 reason new church plants fail is that they launch too soon. Same with multi-sites.

  1. IF you are from the area [or lived at least 5-10 years from the area]…you can cultivate more quickly. 9-18 months.
  2. If you are not, you might consider just living or joining another staff for at least 24 months to really understand and dig deep into the new culture you are trying to reach years before ever beginning the work of planting.
  3. Without these 7 things rolling well for you that I wrote about earlier, you will be in big trouble. So without these 7 pillars, no coach in place and then not fully knowing the culture, dynamics, and nuances of a particular part of the country, you will sit back and wonder what you did wrong and why God didn’t show up. In reality, it will be that you launched too soon [which is a result of not having the 7 pillars in place and with a coach, you would have know this…] And the #1 reason people launch too soon typically is because you need a salary or your funding is running low, or something money connected.

#1 book recommendation: “Church in the Making” by Ben Arment [Read it, and then see what I am talking about. It will take you 2-3 hours max to read, but it will change everything for you.]


**Do you need help with your plant? Contact me [chazzdaddy17@gmail.com]. We have church planting and established church coaches in every area. [Planting, Executive Pastor, Worship, Youth/Kids, Etc.] We want to help you become everything you need through Christ! Need some strategy coaching? We are partnered with the best group in the country, Church Solutions Group, we can connect you.

The Top 7 Things That Almost Guarantee Your Church Plant Will Win.

So…you are one of the crazies trying to start SOMETHING out of NOTHING? There are a MILLION things you are thinking that you need to do…but here are my top 7 focuses when starting with a blank slate, that I believe if you pursue, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will win.

  1. God/Spiritual Warfare/Spiritual Matters.
    **If you are not prepared to deal with this…you will be gravely sorry. It is an all-out battle. Don’t sluff this off in the business of planting. A prayer team is as important as a launch team.
  2.  Your Family.
    **OK you are saying…I know these 1st 2. Well, most people know them, but they still don’t practice them. Or they might even take #2 too far or their spouse might not have realistic expectations and not understand that planting has “seasons”.  I have had staff make excuses for not working hard or while we are in a season using their family as an example. Seasons are seasons and they should COME and GO! Date night, family time, truly disciplining your family is easy to say, hard to do. SCHEDULE THIS!

My Wife went back to work for the 1st time in 12 years. We need to be wise in our dealings and we had to make BIG changes. Big changes if you are not focused and in tune with your family rhythm, cycle and style will lead to your plant not even launching more than likely.

  1. Your Place.
    **Read Ben Arment’s book: Church in the Making.Many of you should read it, pray about it, them probably move. If you are radically rebelling against this advise, then I pray you truly had a Macedonian Vision. God uses us best in the places he has already ordained for us that we know. Not always, but generally. We were called to Utah by God, but this book helped us greatly realize where our next calling was and where we need to focus for the long-haul as church planters.
  2. Your Team. If you do this alone, you are STUPID. Not just crazy. You are STUPID. [I say this in LOVE and with EXPERIENCE]
    **Build a team. Don’t settle for 2nd best. Cast a HUGE vision and recruit the best you can. If you do this alone, well, you are stupid if you didn’t catch me the first time in love, and if you hire or settle on 2nd best in hopes that they will pan out…you are double well, let’s soften it…crazy. Really.
  3. Fund Raising.
    **This is your #1 job. Making connections are key…yes. But you will not have a prevailing plant outside of an Acts 2 moment [which is rare, hence the world miracle]…You need to raise $250-$500,000. Yes, you do. Stop focusing on building a service, finding a worship space, and networking alone. Build a strong financial base on top of #1 and #2 on this list, your spiritual base.
  4. Networking with People, Pastors, Leaders and Seekers.
    **How you enter your town is as important as what you do when you are there. We host a pastor’s luncheon that we pay for and send a letter to every pastor/church in our area letting them know who we are, what we are, what our vision is, and that we want to PARTNER WITH THEM to reach the city. They were there 1st. They are your best source of support! Join the Chamber of Commerce. Connect with city and school officials. And don’t forget…your church plant begins on your back deck. Do you really know your neighbors and are you teaching your launch team that this plant starts on their decks?
  5. Vision/Strategy/Execution
    **Setting clear vision on paper, in print, on the web, etc. is KEY. What you will become begins in the DNA of how you start. If you aren’t doing it now, you will have a much harder time later. We desire to be multi-ethnic [30%+]…well, our launch team better reflect that! We desire to focus on outsiders, so our team better figure out how to get to know some! We desire to launch with a permanent facility, that is strategy, so we better have a clearly defined plan. We desire to have a clear strategy for growth [numerically and spiritually] so we better have staff at each level to make that happen! Do you truly have a SIMPLE, well-defined plan, vision and strategy for your plant? If you don’t…well…you better hope for that miracle!



**Do you need help with your plant? Contact me [chazzdaddy17@gmail.com]. We have church planting and established church coaches in every area. [Planting, Executive Pastor, Worship, Youth/Kids, Etc.] We want to help you become everything you need through Christ! Need some strategy coaching? We are partnered with the best group in the country, Church Solutions Group, we can connect you.

Total Rubbish

My Dad [if you don’t know, my Mom and Dad live in China] wrote this letter to me a few weeks ago. It should humble us to the core at HOW BLESSED WE REALLY ARE. Give thanks! Give thanks! GIVE THANKS!! This is just pure wow. I smell total crap rising up within me because I am so rotten to the core. How about you? What do YOU have to be thankful for…truly thankful?

Dear Family:

Marlon has worked for me going on 2 years. He is from the Philippines. I was looking forward to meeting his wife and 2 children today but she did not come. I asked him why? He said her supervisor in the factory where she works in the Philippines said she could not take a vacation or she would be fired. She has had no vacation in over 5 years. Marlon works here in China and is able to go home 2 times per year for 1 week at a time. His wife works 6 days/week 8 hours per day. She receives about $65.00 per week USD before taxes.

I was able to give Marlon 3 raises in hopes that his wife could quit and come live with him here in China. He said he still does not have enough income for her to come to China. His wife lives with her mother and her mother watches the children while she works. I asked if I could tell his story and take a picture with me to send to my family. He said no problem boss.

Mary and I have always had a special love for the Philippines and the people there and this is just another reason why. It looks like things have not changed much in the Philippines since we left there over 40 years ago. Marlon is nothing short of being an excellent worker. Despite his separation from his family he wares a smile on his face which I think means he still has hope. Today I made a New Year’s resolution to be more humble and kind to those like Marlon.

We all know some like Marlon but in the USA there is usually a way out, if you want it, and are willing to work for it. Today most of in America live like kings compared the rest of the word put together. Maybe the best thing we can do for those around us is share a little kindness and dispense a little hope. My last pay raise was more than 2 1/2 times his wife’s annual wages. I asked Marlon to go to lunch with me tomorrow just show him I care and that he is very important to me no matter where God may have put him on the ladder of success. He still has our Christmas outreach card with Jesus on the front of it, hanging on his office wall since 2010. I believe that he knows who the ultimate giver of hope is for this world (see last picture attachment).

Thankful, Dad

Vote For Our New Church Name!

Church names are so important. And some are plain crazy. The name of your church says everything.

  • Back in the day it was important to list your denomination in your name. For many, it still unfortunately is. Not ripping on a church in our area, but they are called Guide Church Baptist. Not sure why Guide Church wasn’t enough. I bet it has something to do with funding.
  • Some churches have really long names: First Saint John the Revelator Apostolic Assembly Full Gospel Missionary Baptist Bible Church Agape Fellowship Cathedral Tabernacle of Jesus Christ Mausoleum and Day Care Center.
  • Some churches have weird names that no one would know what they were if you paid them. Usually greek or astrological names that they think sound cool. To others, they just think you are another cult where people will cut off their genitals and wait for the space ship. There is: Church on the Ancient Path [I’m sure they are cool dudes…but really?] I like the thought…but does that spark a fire in people’s hearts or just pissed off mega-church haters?
  • Some have names that move people to action. Elevate, Uprising, Collide, Revolution.
  • Then you have all the New’s: NewSpring, NewSong, NewHope, NewBirth, NewNude.
  • You also have the landmark names: Northwest Church, Capital City church, National Community Church, Cedar Oaks Creek Church. Hope they never move.

I think a name should be the following:

  • It should PREACH. I used to say, New Hope is more than a name on the side of our building, it is what you can find in Christ Jesus! My friend is planting Uncommon Church [which works because many of the churches there are not the most liked…]
  • It should be simple and recognizable. Call it a church! The Path.com tells people NOTHING in your marketing! Maybe a hiker will find it. If people don’t know what it is, you are missing you target. Yes, other planters will think you are cool…but your target audience will be scratching their heads wondering what the hades a Transubstantiation Community really is.
  • LifeChurch.tv was BRILLIANT with this. They call their church their website name. YES! YES! YES!
  • Not that there are hard and fast rules. Mars Hill Church has made it, but I still bet seekers ask what the hades a Mars Hill Church is…but then again, it is Seattle, and you have to go with what rules.
  • Names should invoke some life change in my opinion and bring a smile! New Life Church, Potential Church, Hope Church, Christ Church. Churches with name likes: Philophos Church, The Parthenos Gathering, and other names just don’t invoke this.
  • And I don’t care to be original. If I find a great name, I will use it. Which can get you into trouble these days. Another tiny church in a different state threatened to sue us for using One Community Church as a name because they copyrighted it. So copyright your name, and let ANYONE use it! It’s God’s church dang-it. Another friend has also been threatened for another name.

So vote below. Top 1-2 choices please or leave your own response! What other parameters would you add that are helpful when choosing a church name?

We Are Moving Again!

What a crazy 3 years it has been! No crap [or another choice word] you say. My thoughts exactly.

From leaving our family, friends, and amazing church we love in Ohio to the amazing beauty of planting a church in Utah where so many more new friends were made and another church was birthed. It has been a trying 3 months since leaving friends in Utah and a great young church…and I am thankful to Pastor Tony, Shanda, the team, and the OCC faithful for taking the church to a whole new level! None of us expected us to be called away so soon.

So as God began clarifying first, the needs emotionally for our family, it started to become clearer and clearer to Tiffany and I what our next steps would be since the doctor was spot on with the issues we were dealing with! If you have never sought out counseling, trust me, you need to.

I turned down some pretty nice offers to interview at some very large churches with some very nice cities, beaches and hip areas of town. But eventually there was no doubt that we were hearing God call us back to the great state of Ohio [I know… a stretch for many of you]…what a ride this has been! With no direction, little money and some faith, we settled down in Hilliard, OH and started praying about what God was asking us to do next.

Tiffany and I met with a counselor in Colorado several months ago who encouraged us to leave our current ministry in Utah and to do whatever God called us to do next. He encouraged us to take some time to hear and wait and told us that in 90 days we would feel amazing again, if not fully healthy. I can honestly say for both of us that we are feeling the best we have in a long, long time. He was exactly right, praise God!

So here in Ohio we sat. And prayed. And listened. And waited. And drove a THOUSAND+ miles asking God to direct our next steps in ministry. I was waiting for a church to call that needed a pastor, and that didn’t happen.

So Tiffany and I decided to do what God has wired both of us to do, and that is plant our 3rd church! Right here in our back yards of Columbus, OH, the state’s capital are 2.6 million people, many of whom do not know Christ. There is a serious lack of churches in the northwest area of Columbus/Franklin/Delaware County and God has called us to help change that! And with an amazing group of people who God will raise up just like at New Hope and at OCC in Utah…it will happen. Failure is not an option.

Columbus is the 3rd youngest city in the country and has the largest university in the United States…THE Ohio State University whom our Lord and Savior has finally blessed with an SEC-style coach in Urban Meyer. [Oops…I digress]. The need here is huge. In the 12 years I have not been here I would have expected HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of churches planted…and that is not the case. Hardly ANY change in the church landscape since I was an officer patrolling these streets. Re you flipping kidding me? No.I.Am.Not.

I want to wrap this up because there will be plenty of time to share, but here are some specifics about what we are feeling led to do and what you can do as the Lord leads!

  • We are HONORED to partner with the best church planting group in the country…Reach 77 [Robb and Shaula Overholt are leading the charge…and are crazy amazing leaders, which is a part of Church Solutions Group [led by the one and only Bruce Smith who is one of the top leaders I have every been around]. I am also honored to work with their other planter who has become over the years a great friend of mine,Michael Robison, his wife Allison and their amazing family!
  • Reach 77 is dedicated to turning around the SUCKY rate of church planting success, which still hovers around 90% or even more if you include the thousands that are 100 people or less. There goal is to move the needle in the church so we don’t look like Europe in 20 years. And they are aggressive, passionate and will fight to the gates of hell to make this happen. Just my style.
  • We will be planting in the super-busy [96,000 cars a day!] Sawmill Rd. / IS 270 area.
  • We will be seeking out 24/7 permanent space as this is one reason so many plants fail out of the gate. Super excited about this vision.
  • We are also seeking prayer team warriors who will pray for us. Is this you?
  • We are seeking people who feel called to move to the Columbus area to join our team as staff and on our launch team. Yes…launch teamers are those of you who are just normal people who want to be a part of something that will be extraordinary! Only the bold and daring need apply.
  • We will be setting up on-line giving soon so we can fund this beast. We have a tax-deductible way of giving if you would like to engage that as well right away. Hit me up. Please. You know.
  • Our goal is a multi-ethnic church plant that focuses on raising up, training, equipping, inspiring, resourcing and encouraging inner-city church planters and pastors to be all God is calling them to be right where they are. It is this vision I am most excited about!
  • I am going to be blogging a ton about this experience as a way for those who are planting or leading a church to see the insides of a church planter/plant who has been there, done that so you can see the great things as well as watch me make the same mistakes, round 3  So spread the word and watch it unfold right before your eyes!

So yes…we will be re-locating to the plant area, recruiting and welcoming staff, and hopefully some friends and family while seeking to make disciples for Jesus and be a church for the city! Our goal is to have 1,500+ disciples/people seeking Jesus by year 2 and we have a plan to put this in place following the lead of the Holy Spirit!

If you would like some more information, would like to join the prayer team, launch team, inquire about staff or send a note of discouragement [trust me, people will send them…welcome to leadership!] or encouragement…hit me up on e-mail at: chazzdaddy17@gmail.com

Thanks for praying and for your love and support over the years as we follow the lead of God…here we go! Lets all sit back and see what God has in store. It is going to be an amazing ride!

Welcome to the Journey Called Life.

Why Our Church Plant Will Grow to 1,000+ Quickly

Arrogant huh? Not really. Actually, not at all. God is laughing at our tiny dreams. Maybe even weeping at that title.I love Jesus. I love his church that he laid his life down for. I love that he called me to plant churches and reach the lost [before I was planting churches and instead was chasing bad guys in my cruiser around Columbus, OH].I also love that when the Holy Spirit shows up and incredible things happen that are beyond our control and imagination.

Acts 2 should not be our modelA, [scholars say maybe 15-20,000 people accepted baptism, the Spirit and a life of discipleship that day]…and that should not be our model? No. That is history. That is in the past. That was a great beginning, but we have so much more than they do!

I want to see everyone in heaven…don’t you? Then stop being so afraid of AUDACIOUS NUMBERS. Remember this:


That is why I am believing in audacious numbers, in audacious lives being changed, in audacious outpourings of that same Holy Spirit.  It will not be because of myself, my gifting, or my hard work. It won’t be because we will build a great team. It will all be because of this:

  1. Jesus left us a commission, not a suggestion.Make disciples. From a tiny farm town in Ohio where we started the first church to Utah to China to Columbus, OH, we are believing, planting, serving and equipping leaders and disciples by HIS power and direction. And we are not alone. Many churches are daring to dream audacious dreams. And so can you.
  2. “ALL THE WORLD” is waaay bigger than 1,000 people, so I undershot pretty big on that one. Every number is a name!
  3. If He laid his life down for the church and didn’t even want ONE outside the fold, then why shouldn’t I have the same attitude?Do I just want a big church to bask in the glow of pastoral fame and outreach top 100 lists? Sure, maybe at times. But I pray my attitude is always fixed on chasing the ONE like Jesus did when 99% [that was a big church!] was already in the fold.

Here is the main reason our church plant will grow to 1,000+ quickly:

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. 

   Glory to God in the church! 
   Glory to God in the Messiah, in Jesus! 
   Glory down all the generations! 
   Glory through all millennia! Oh, yes! [Ephesians 3.20-21-msg]


**Want to be a part of the dream for New City Church in Columbus, OH? We are looking for people to join our launch team [the economy is doing well here in Columbus if you need a job and have a calling to help launch New City] as well as paid staff positions for Worship/Creative Arts Pastor and Youth/Kids Pastor. E-mail: chazzdaddy17@gmail.com for more info and to be a part of this crazy dream that will help change a city here on earth as it is in heaven!

You Won’t Believe What Happened to My Daughter on Her 1st Day at Her New School…

If you don’t know this yet…we moved to Hilliard, OH from Utah this past December and my kids all started in their new schools this week. We visited the schools in December, so the classes knew we were coming and starting school after break.

So the title says it all…we are all still SPEECHLESS. Look at the picture below of what happened to Grace on her first day at her new school in Hilliard, Ohio…She found this in her desk her first day:

  1. An Envelope that says: “Welcome to Scioto Darby” [her new school…she is in 5th grade].
  2. A Letter [I will transcribe below.]
  3. A Picture of the Girl Who Wrote It.

Here is the letter:

Dear Grace,

I would like to ask you to join me at recess, I also thought that you might want to join me at the lunch table. I just wanted to write you this letter because you are coming from a while away. I don’t know what it feels like to be a new kid, but I might have an idea how it feels. So I would like to offer you to hang out with me at recess and sit with me at the lunch table.

From, Hannah

p.s. There is a picture of me in the envelope for you to see what I look like and I hope we can be best friends.

Being JESUS is so much harder than talking, teaching, and preaching JESUS. [That is easy…DOING it is so much harder!] I am not sure if this little girl knows Jesus, but this is one of the best expressions of the face of our Savior that I/we have ever experienced. [Whatever you have done unto the least of these…you have done for me… -Jesus in Matthew 25.40]

Acts of love done with a pure heart can change the world…how ’bout it?